Alyn Vaughn

Alyn Vaughn advocates for student apprenticeships through our hand-crafted jewelry.

We’ve reached a point where it’s critical that we the people broaden the narrative around higher education by acknowledging that college is not the only path to success and supporting vocational school and skill acquisition through student apprenticeships in the areas of Business Operations, Technology, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Sales, and all Trades. These opportunities can often result in full-time employment right out of high school with the possibility of higher education being shared by the employer, if actually needed or required.

The more our society finds ways to integrate apprenticeships into the curriculum of high school where youth can explore a variety of industries through business partnerships before making a decision about the next step in their life, the more supported and guided our youth will feel, no matter which path they ultimately choose. It is our hope this important message will take root across this country where our joint efforts raise awareness and change takes place through our actions.