A Nashville based social enterprise where Style & Purpose intersect, Alyn Vaughn set out to broaden the narrative around higher education in America and advocate for student apprentices. AV teaches teens and teen moms life skills, business skills, design and hand-craftsmanship. Youth need pathways to curriculum based employment during high school where they earn and learn, begin building a resume, and have an opportunity to make a well-informed decision about their choice for higher education, be it college, vo-tech, or an apprenticeship. For those less inclined to attend college or vo-tech, an apprenticeship can mean the difference between poverty and realized potential. We engage with customers about our mission three days a weeks at our kiosk on 12th South and events around the southeast. Our initial collection in support of our mission is jewelry. Vegan suede wraps and earrings range in price from $26-$38.