An Eco Sam Design, LLC.

An Eco Sam Design is a crafty company. I craft a wide variety of work in all different medias. My most popular things and the line I am expanding this holiday season is my state stuff line. I digitally draw different key places, things, landmarks, etc. from states and then reverse print them and put them onto wood shapes of each state creating ornaments. These are also available as prints at my shows as well. I also create many of wood ornaments with reverse prints such as of photos I have taken at national and state parks. Fiber art is another thing I love. I love crafting things like my fuss free fishy friends that are the perfect pet for any home, office or classroom. I am a graphic designer and I have a line of children’s flash cards and as well as other paper products like note cards. Wood pieces such as my Be Er beer bottle openers are great pieces for any man cave and are a collaborative effort with the help of my brother. Whimsical paintings, and misc. holiday and home goods would also be for sale at my booth. I am a mixed media artist who likes to fill my booths with something for everyone.