Ginger and Pearl

Ginger & Pearl has been evolving as my expression of creativity and love for beauty for over a decade. My work is bold yet dainty, as well as simple but beautiful. My pieces are designed to complement the natural beauty of a woman and not overpower her feminine grace. Ginger & Pearl adornments are both functional yet fashionable; enhancing to a tee shirt and jeans as well as Saturday night’s evening dress.

This season, my collection is featuring a wide variety of hammered and wire wrapped wares made from quality gold, rose gold, sterling silver, copper, and finely sourced gemstones. The fulfillment I find when I design new pieces has fueled my desire over the years to keep growing Ginger & Pearl both as a brand and collection.

Ginger & Pearl is honored to support the Archibald Project, a non-profit orphan advocacy that works to restore the lives of children with fractured backgrounds and place them in loving homes. As a member of a family with four adopted children, this cause is near and dear to my heart, and is one I am passionate in supporting.