Greene River Studio

Greene River Jewelry is created for the mindful consumer who is interested in unique and one of a kind art pieces, created with care and skill. It is hand fabricated with quality metals like brass and recycled sterling silver, and the pieces incorporate semi precious stones such as American mined turquoise, opal, druzy, and lapis lazuli, as well as natural and stabilized wood burls. Each piece is completely hand made from start to finish, and is inspired as much my nature by as by the beautiful natural materials that are used in its creation. The work is informed by colors and forms found in nature as well as design concepts like art nouveau, art deco, and Scandinavian folk art. It is designed consciously to achieve the marriage of art and functionality. The result being jewelry that makes a statement as well as jewelry that can be lived in; jewelry for the special occasion, for a night out, and for everyday wear.