LINKS by Annette

Inspired by a passion for cycling and functional design, I rescue retired bike parts and build, weld, sew, crochet and route wood, rubber and metal to create unique, functional, high-quality products. Although the materials I use come from bikes, I get excited about creating things that don’t scream “I used to be on a bicycle!”. Gears and spokes become clocks and bottle openers. Chains become inlays around mirrors, frames and lazy susans. Inner tubes are crocheted, woven and sewn into bags, wallets, floor mats and planters. Tires become beer koozies. Rims become mirrors. Since everything I create is made from bike parts that have been used, each part, and therefore each piece I make, is one of a kind; no two gears wear that same way, and I get to take advantage of whatever the bike shops are getting rid of.
Fastidious by nature, quality is paramount, and all my designs are handmade with a meticulous eye for detail. I gain inspiration from everything around me and have a soft spot for construction that is smart, clean and cultivated. I have found another way to connect to people and the environment by playing every day in my studio, creating new things out of old, and using my creativity to keep things out of the landfill.