namaq cheeni

namaq cheeni, is the brain child of two graphic designer best friends, Nandhini
and Maheq. Namaq (nuh·muhk) meaning salt, and Cheeni (chee·nee) meaning
sugar, is exactly what this playful children’s brand is about — a little sass, and a
whole lot of sweetness.

We focus on creating sustainable, ethically produced gender-neutral play clothes,
and silky soft muslin blankets for the tiniest, but most important humans in our
lives and yours. We are a small team, and work with incredible local artisans in
New Delhi, India to create these handmade, hand-printed, and hand-stitched
pieces filled with love and care. Each pattern has been designed by one of the two
of us, hand carved into wooden blocks by one of our artisans, and then hand
stamped onto 100% cotton fabrics by another. We use vegetable dyes, and
personally source the cottons, so that only the softest and cleanest materials are
touching your babies skin.

Nandhini is based in India, and works one-on-one with the craftsmen, and Maheq
is in Nashville, designing and testing on her two year old, and namaq cheeni
inspiration, Rabia. We are both of Indian descent, and are so excited to showcase
the talents that come out of our beautiful motherland. A percentage of our profits
will be donated to charitable organizations in India, with the aim to give to new
ones every quarter.