Pearlswirl Jewelry

I design and make delicate and high-quality wire-wrapped jewelry using a mix of vintage and new brass, Swarovski crystals, and semi-precious stones. Although a lot of wire-wrapped jewelry is available today, my meticulous attention to geometric details, balancing proportions, and wearable-but-uncommon design, means my work is uniquely interesting to a wide variety of shoppers. I also frequently customize designs for shoppers and average 3-4 custom orders per market/event I participate in. I’m very eager to work with shoppers to get them their ideal piece, whether that simply means tweaking chain length or sourcing stones with special meaning for them.

In addition to the wire-wrapped stone work I have been doing for years, I recently branched out into a completely new style – cross-stitched lockets and pendants, and tassel necklaces. This design was borne out of my desire to merge my two loves – jewelry and fiber art. I cross-stitch original designs onto the front of vintage brass lockets and other pendants, which makes a really unique and appealing statement necklace that marries nostalgic vintage charm with modern-day style. Shoppers frequently tell me they’ve never seen anything like it and they have proven to be some of my best-selling pieces. They make amazing gifts because the giver can include cherished photos, handwritten messages, or other keepsakes for the recipient.