I create quirky & irreverent but beautiful functional ceramics. All of my pieces are handbuilt using clay slabs. After cutting the slabs into shape using templates, I embellish them using a variety of pre-made and handmade stamps as well as found objects. Those slabs are then combined and shaped into mugs, cups, bowls, plates, planters, etc. After bisque firing, I stain and glaze each piece using food-safe glazes and stains then fire to cone 6. This ensures all my functional pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The little beings (a.k.a. babies) are also handbuilt from the same mid-range clay body as my functional pieces. I try to imbue each one with his/her own personality, mood and expression and then give them a task, such as holding a bud vase, watching over a tea light or just hanging out on your desk while you surf the interwebs. They are also excellent listeners.