Simon & Ruby

From start to finish β€” initial design to final piece β€” all of our jewelry is made by hand.

In our studio in Nashville, we hand shape, patina, & wire-wrap each delicate piece until we have a complete collection to share with you. To us, it’s just another level of love from one traveler to another β€” like a handwritten postcard instead of a mass produced message. We appreciate the craft of our work, & we appreciate being able to share the process & the product with such a tremendous community both locally & worldwide.

The Simon & Ruby line of fashion jewelry is inspired by wanderlust and the sweet agony of missing a place. Lindsay designs her handmade jewelry for globetrotters and those with an unshakable sense of wanderlust, for the free spirits and the wanderers who know that exquisite aching all too well. She creates unique jewelry, objects of beauty that are more than tokens of travels for the wanderesses who wear them. They are wistful reminders that our hearts can live in many places, sometimes all at once.