The NASH Collection

Founded in July of 2016 by entrepreneur and business owner, Laci Bonner, The Nash Collection is a lifestyle brand that embodies her love for Nashville. As an Arkansas native, she was first introduced to the city in 2015 and soon thereafter opened Revv in the heart of Hillsboro Village. She also owns The Rage (, and now has her e-commerce based operation headquartered here in Nashville as well. Now that ‘NASH’ was officially home to her other companies, Laci wanted to start something new, something she saw missing on the Nashville scene. And with that, The Nash Collection was created. Laci has always been a fan of simplicity–simplified words, nicknames, and one syllable brand names (we see a pattern, too….Rage, Revv, NASH). NASH just fits…it simply works. It speaks for itself.

Nash encompasses the passion for Nashville that locals and tourists share. Since the launch of this collection, the organic growth is unparalleled. With sightings on celebrities and artists around town, The Nash Collection is receiving nation-wide attention via social media. Laci and her team are eager to continue launching new divisions of the brand and are excited to continue to see the iconic “NASH” hats and clothing out on the town.